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April has been a beautifully refreshing month, filled with reunions with family and long walks in warmer weather. I am so appreciative of the pace of life right now. With the extra time and change in scenery, I have been spending more time doing daily journal entries with the goal of capturing the fullness of each day beyond simply task lists. I’ve doodled coversations, I’ve taped in recipes, I’ve printed out photos- you name it, and it’s been making it’s way into the pages of this journal.

All the while, I am keeping my planner pages up with spring colors and patterns. This month has such a feeling of child-like peace and hopefulness with the shade of purple and floral doodles throughout. If you are in love with some of these sweet patterns as much as I am, sign up for once a month emails to receive a free printable to add to your journal!

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Daily Guided Journal

Driven by the mission of Cherish by Design to continue making tools that make journaling more simple and approachable, I added a new journal to the shop! I’ve been desiring to make this journal for nearly as long as I wanted to design our planners. I have older family members who love keeping a journal as much as I do, and gave me the encouragement to make something that helps both new to and experienced journal users.

The most important purpose I felt this journal needed to serve was to make the blank page of a journal less intimidating by providing prompts, such as contextual information like weather, date, mood to specific details about happenings, conversations,  or discoveries.

One of my favorite aspects of the design is that it offers the flexibility to be done daily, weekly or even monthly. There is no pressure to meet certain dates or deadline. I also love how I have used the reflection section so far to write, doodle, tape in photos, keeping notes, etc.- the possibilities are endless! This would be the perfect gift for a reflective family member or thoughtful friend. To see more about this journal, you can shop it here!

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