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You have your eye on a planner you’ve fallen in love with, then you find out it’s available for digital download. This is actually great news. With a digital download, you now have the ability to completely customize the format you assemble your planner or journal. We’ve taken three of our favorite, most simple ways to get your printable organized and are going to break down some tips and tricks to know about each one!


3- Ring Binder


Folder with Brads


Screw Post Journal


Hole Punch

Dividers, optional

Cover Page, optional


3-Ring Binder:

Size: Plenty of options in both Letter and A5 sizes. Double check number of rings before buying and make sure it matches the hole punch you are using or that the printing service is using to prepare your pages.

Style: So many simple to well-designed options are out there. If you don’t love what you are finding, you can always pick a solid color and personalize the covers with acrylic paint or sharpie marker or purchase one with a sleeve that you can insert a decorative planner cover.

Cost: The cost can vary between inexpensive and more expensive based on what you are interested in.

Speed: Once you buy that binder or it arrives on your doorstep, you will be well on your way to planning in minutes!

Folder with Brads:

Size: You are likely going to have to stick to a Letter size if you choose to go with this option. Keep in mind you will only be able to comfortably fit so many pages in a folder. A folder might be best for a 3-6 month planner versus a 12 month planner.

Style: There are simple to well-designed options out there. You are likely to find more options at the beginning of semesters (August and January), as many people are shopping for school supplies then. Same idea of customizing your own cover exists with this option, too. If you want to draw or paint on your cover, a paper folder is recommended.

Cost: This is the least expensive option.

Speed: Similar to the binder, once you have that folder in your possession, you will be well on your way to planning in minutes!

Screw Post Journal: DIY instructions 

Size: Completely customizable based on the book board size you start your project with. You can also expand this option by increasing the screw posts as you add to your journal.

Style: This is one of our favorite ways to assemble a planner or journal because you get to use fabric. We use muslin all the time because we can paint and draw on it easily, but imagine the possibilities of any fabric of your choosing.

Cost: The option is a little more costly because of the amount of supplies you need. Considering how much of the supplies you already have might help in your decision to start this project.

Speed: This option takes time, about a days worth of work and waiting. BUT, once it’s done you will feel so satisfied by your work.


I cannot wait to see all of the amazing creations that come from your digital copy of our planners and journals. Please share with us by tagging @cherishbydesign on Instagram and Pinterest, so we can gaze with amazement and cheer on your DIY-spirit!