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We can do both, right?!

This was my question and challenge for February. The first week’s of the year I was overwhelmed with much of the world and my relationships, and when I was alone by myself I was drained, without energy and very little joy. As the month of love began to creep up, I decided to set an intention to find the sweet spot of loving others meaningfully and showing up for myself with the same intention.

Ways to Better Love Myself
Get Reaquainted with Values & Goals

Changing the Plan is Not a Failure

“No is a Complete Sentence”

Hobbies and Fruitful Activities
Can & Should be More Frequent

Taking Space from Someone or Something
for Better Perspective is Wise

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Ways to Better Love Others
Active Listening, Don’t Listen to Answer-

Shovel Snow for Neighbors or Bike Lanes

Doing Something for Someone Else with Asking

Send a Letter of Gratitude to Someone

Call Grandparents & Family Members

Initiate the Girl’s Night You’ve Been Needing

Donate Unwanted Winter Clothes

February Pages
Goal Setting
Cover Page
Part 1: Monthly Spread
Part 2: Monthly Spread
Part 1: Weekly Spread
Part 2: Weekly Spread
Habit Tracker
Month in Review
Discovering Motivation
Self-Love Bingo Card
Self-Love Bingo
Journal Page

This page was an absolute joy to keep in my journal this month. Not that any of these activities are really burdensome, but it’s not always easy to make the time it takes to slow down, put the arbitarty deadlines aside, and just spend time resting, restoring and feeling a little less chaotic.

I highly recommend trying something similar in your journal! And with spring around the corner, you could really turn this design into anything, really- spring cleaning bingo, ingredients to cook with bingo, or a seasonal bucket list! 

May I also add- this is the most fun to do with a friend. If you are competitive like me, you’ll be incentivized to start prioritizing your bingo card progress in order to be the first to run to the front of the room yelling “Bingo!”.
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