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To be honest, March is typically a really refreshing, joy-filled month for me. There are little spurts of spring outside, I tend to do a lot of seasonal cleaning and organizing, AND it’s my birthday month, which is always an enjoyable, reflective time for me.

This particular March marked a year since our current normal began. The calendar was sort of triggering when I consider the devestation individuals, families and communities have experienced since last March. Whether you are feeling a season of hopefulness or sadness, I wanted to use March to share journaling that helps me feel balanced, in some level of control and reminded of the precious gift of a life well-lived.

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I’ve been living in tight quarters since college. I went from a dorm room, to a ship cabin to two tiny NYC apartments. Over time, I have learned to keep my wardrobe as effecient as possible. The best way to do that is at the start of each season.

I start by making a chart with rows by type of clothing item (i.e. bottoms, tops, dresses, shoes, etc.) Then, I include the items I already have, noticing color scheme, fabric type, etc. Once I have done that, I will fill in items I think I need to make as many outfits as possible with as few of items as possible. 

This is a really effecient, sustainable way to collect, organize and style your clothes for any given season. I never regret taking the time to do this little clothing inspired logic puzzle. It is always so exciting to see how many combinations are possible! In this case, with just 16 items, I can already see 40+ outfit possibilities. And there will absolutely be more as I begin to live in these pieces daily. 

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