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You found that beautiful piece of artwork or the planner that finally meets all your needs. Now, it’s just a matter of getting that digital design in your hands and as quickly and stress-free as possible! You can put that design in your cart with confidence once you consider these options for printing. 


Determine what size and paper type you would like to print your design on. Most commonly used sizes on at home printers would be Letter(8.5in x 11in) and Legal(8.5in x 14in) sized. You could consider most paper types between regular printing paper and a light cardstock. Always do a test run with your printer with this sample page first. You will have more size and paper options by going with a printing service. 


When working with a journal or planner, decide on how you would like to assemble the pages. You can find one idea on how to assemble your pages here. If you would like special binding, such as wire coil, staples, paperback or hardback, you are more likely to find options with professional printing services. 


Lastly, consider how much time and money you want to spend on the project. With printing at home, you are going to likely have your digital download ready to enjoy relatively quickly. You’ll have a lot of control over how it turns out and how much the supplies cost. However, depending on your comfort with computers and printers, your patience may be a little more tested than if you were to send it off to the print shop. The print shop is likely going to be more costly than printing at home. That being said, if you can bare to wait a bit, you should be able to have a nice looking product, with little to no stress, in no time!

NOW TO ENJOY! Now you are ready to confidently decide whether you would prefer to print at home or send your new download to a printer. Both are great options, so it’s truly up to you and the product you are working on! Leave a comment below if you have any questions about printing a Digital Download from my shop. I would be glad to assist!