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This is one of my favorite ways to assemble my journal or planner pages. What I love most is how modular it is. You can replace the screw posts to expand your journal or freely exchange the cover and filler pages. Essentially, this type of assembly can evolve as long as you desire. Let’s jump in!


2 Pieces of Book Board

Cutting Mat / Box Cutters

Hole Punch

Bone Folder



HeatnBond Paper


Screw Posts


Cardstock Paper




1.) Make sure to accurately measure throughout your project. Ideally, you want those covers to match perfectly. Additionally, when you will want to aim to use as little excess fabric as possible so that your final project isn’t bulky in the corners of your covers. 

2.) Use your sharpest supplies for clean lines and a happy heart. Because you are working with thick book board, as well as delicate fabric, you want to use tools that are going to add to the enjoyment of your project and not make you want to tear your hair out. 

3.) Take your time with applying the fabric. One because it’s satisfying to iron, but also because you want to make sure you do not leave any wrinkles or bubbles. Another helpful way to solve this is by placing the covers between heavy books for a couple of hours before continuing on. 

4.) When you purchase screw posts, consider getting a pack with a variety of sizes. As I mentioned above, I love this assembly style because your journal or planner can continue to grow with you. Technically it never has to have an ending page until you say it does. 

5.) Pick out a fabric that inspires you. In the above video, I chose a muslin fabric because I knew I would be able to write, paint and draw on it. This just adds to the customizable options that come with creating your own handmade journal!


I cannot wait to see all of the amazing creations that come from your digital copy of our planners and journals. Please share with us by tagging @cherishbydesign on Instagram and Pinterest, so we can gaze with amazement and cheer on your DIY-spirit! Stay tuned for more assembly ideas coming soon.